Saturday, April 25, 2009

Love yourself.. :)

Coming back after almost ten days break….too long isn’t it..??...Well can’t really say if I was very busy or too lazy to write…whatever…Last ten days were not very eventful except for certain things like I voted in this LS (Lok Sabha) elections for the 1st time (its not that I just turned 18 this year ;) …for some trivial reasons as excuse…I couldn’t vote earlier)....bought a new phone for hubby..he loved it..others felt it was a waste of money…who cares..!!!..I am happy about it…earning your own money is definitely great but being able to spend it on your own wish is a greater feeling….many may not agree to this…but trust me if you are born in a typical Indian middle class family..then this is very common…when you earn, your family feels proud of you, but the irony is you can’t spend that money the way you want to..(even if it is for the things you feel are right)…you dare do that and you are considered to be a spendthrift…and I do exactly that..which gives me immense pleasure :)…After all unless you love yourself, who else will love go ahead and do what makes you feel happy..pamper the child within you….Its absolutely OK to give a damn to the world and love yourself….each one of us deserve it…!!!!!!

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  1. hmmm a very small blog masoom yet with a superb & strong message :)